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Blue Whale Tours and Excursions offer a wide variety of  tours to suit your needs. We offer Group Tours, Private Tours, Catamaran Water slide Tours and Banana Boat Rides. 

Waterslide Catamaran "Maximum Chill" prices

$89 per adult $50 per child (1/2 Day)
$160 per adult $100 per child (Full Day)

Waterslide Catamaran Private 1/2 Day $1100-$1250
Waterslide Catamaran Private Full Day $2200-$2500

Catamaran Holds 20 Passenger and 2 Crew

Below are prices of tours for our other boats

Snorkeling     8:30a-11:30am; 12:30p- 3:30pm   US$850.00 per boat 9Pax Max

This excursion takes you and your party to no less than three top quality reefs near the island. Snorkel with the abundant undersea wildlife and explore some of the best reefs in the world. Our Captain will choose the best locations based on the weather and tides and will get you away from the typical "tourist" locations for something special. Talk with our tour coordinator for more information, rendezvous point and times and be ready for fun and adventure. A light lunch is provided. 

Fishing (bottom)    8:30a-noon; 1:00p- 4:30pm    US$900.00 per boat 6Pax Max

By far the easiest way to catch a fish is bottom fishing. The Captain chooses a great location drops anchor and helps you and your parties learn the finer points of baiting a hook and reeling in your catch. Fish are cleaned and wrapped upon return to the dock for you and can be taken to your favorite restaurant or hotel for cooking. This tour is recommended for first time fishers and children, but anybody will have fun and is almost a given you'll catch something!

 $10 US fishing license fee per person extra.

Fishing (bone fishing)    8:30a-noon; 1:00p- 4:30pm   US$650.00 2 person Max  

Why bone fishing? Fishing places are known for their specialty. TCI is known for this type of fishing and is one place in the world where a unique set of circumstances makes it the best place to do it. Still, why bone fishing? This fish will challenge your skill in hooking, playing and landing, and it is one of the more exciting 'fights' in the island waters. It takes a knowledgeable Captain to find them and a good angler to catch them. As with all our fishing excursions, we bait and clean your fish for you. However bonefishing is catch and release. Price includes soft drinks, water and chips

 Additional fee for fishing license per person.

Our pleasure cruises are tours designed to do just that, bring you pleasure... The scenic views, comfortable boats, appropriate music and refreshments make seeing the island a wondrous experience. Our Captain will play custom narrations designed to inform you and inspire your curiosity at key locations during the journeys which are designed to be laid back, relaxing and splendidly diverting from your normal routine and world. Please read on and when you see the tour for you, contact our tour coordinator for more information, rendezvous point and times and be ready for fun and adventure....

Conch (pronounced konk) is the local seafood staple. It is a tasty mollusk that will not offend even the most seafood-wary palate and a pleasure that you can't afford to miss when in TCI. Chances are you will not get off the island without trying it as it is prepared in a variety of ways and every place serves it and most everyone agrees the best way to have it is right out of the ocean and the local preparation is fresh conch salad...mmmmm. This tour starts out with a pass by the famous resorts of Grace Bay as the Captain makes his way to bountiful conch grounds. The Captain then dives (while you snorkel) for conch and brings enough aboard for all to share. He shows you the unique way to get the conch from its shell and a fresh conch salad is prepared for you to enjoy, the local way and the best way.

Conch Cruise (snorkeling for conch)    8:30a-noon; 1:00p- 4:30pm    US$850 8Pax Max

This three hour guided tour will acquaint you with the best beaches in TCI. You will see the world class resorts of Grace Bay and visit a pristine deserted beach and have the opportunity to snorkel in turquoise waters. This tour differs from our snorkel excursions in that you spend time cruising the waters, learning about special places and their unique stories, and get a little sandy and wet (why not). Later on in the cruise the captain will show you how to dive for conch, he will than show you how to knock it out of the shell and prepare a fresh salad for you right in front of your eyes.

The cruise will than drop you off at a Beach Resort where you can enjoy great food and good drinks and provides ground transportation back to your hotel or the marina in Turtle Cove.

Beach Cruise    8:30a-noon; 1:00p- 4:30pm    US$850 8Pax Max/ Iguana Island Tour   

3 hour tour upon request
  US$800 8 Pax Max

Not far from Leeward and the Nikki beach Resort is Iguana Island. These friendly creatures seem happy to be photographed and observed. There is a nature trail and guided tours which will give you first hand experience with these creatures and their island. The Cruise offers a scenic route past Grace Bay and beautiful surrounding beaches and a chance to snorkel near the preserve. Little Water Cay is protected by the Turks and Caicos Islands National Trust and is subject to the regulation of the Princess Alexandra National Park. An entrance fee of US $5 will be collected by the Iguana Park Staff.

Famous Blue Hills 'Locals' Bar Crawl & Bar -B-Que Signature Tour    8:30a-noon; 1:00p- 4:30pm    US$950 8Pax Max

We start in Turtle Cove and head out Blue Hills way towards Froggy’s Restaurant for your bar-b-que. Along the way we hit local spots Three Queens Restaurant, Conch Shack, Sailing Paradise, Horse Eye Jacks Restaurant and Froggie's on the Beach, where you can drink, snack, meet locals and whatever (drinks and food in these locations not included in price).

The excursion ends at Froggy's where a collection of island favorites (lobster, conch, chicken or pork) are grilled and served hot right on the beach (complimentary leapfrogs, drinks,  beer and wine while dining). Afterwards you can hang at Froggy's, dance to soca music and mingle with the locals with local ground transportation provided back to your hotel by Froggie himself. Or you can go back by boat.

Island Getaway/Drop-off    Departs based on your request US$490 3 Person Max

Our Island Getaways will pick you up right in front of your hotel by beach (depending on the weather); drop you off to a secluded beach, with beach chairs, a picnic basket and umbrellas. Three hours later, we’ll pick you up and take you back to your hotel. Giving you a chance to afford paradise at a great price.

North Caicos Getaway    Departs 9a-3p US$1050 8Pax Max

This excursion takes you east to the North Caicos Island which is called the "Garden Island", its lush vegetation and beautiful white sand beaches await your exploration. We docked the boat and embark on a four hour road site-seeing trip. Taking you to the flamingo pond wades green plantation and Whitby beach. You will have the chance to Snorkel exotic reef and enjoy a seafood lunch and laze about on a beautiful deserted beach before setting off for home into the setting sun. Beer, chilled wine, soft drinks and bottled water provided.

Middle Caicos Cave Experience    6hrs upon request US$1650 8PAX MAX

Cruise past the Iguana Island to North Caicos Island. There you will travel by land to the Flamingo Pond before setting out to Middle Caicos. There a guided tour will take you caving, a rare experience not to be missed. Afterwards, spend some time and exploring local beaches and taking in scenery before heading back to the boat. There you will find a seafood lunch waiting and the cruise back to Turtle Cove. Beer, chilled wine, soft drinks and bottled water provided. You will be gone for a total of 7.5 hrs. The trip is very detail and is a lifetime experience.

 $10 cave entrance fee not included.

Our Captains


Capt. Don - is multi-skilled on the water. He is one of the island's best all around fishing guide and one of the best commercial divers in this country. He was born and raised in Middle Caicos, where he learned how to master boats, dive for conch, shoot fish and dive for lobsters at an early young kid age. He is considered one of the best Captains on Island.



Captain Smooth

Capt. Smooth
- Have a bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management. Born and raised in Providenciales, he is the brainchild behind Blue Whale Tours & Excursions. Grew up driving boats and fishing with his dad and uncles all his life. Is very knowledgeable about the Tourism, Construction and Real Estate Industry in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

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